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Jul 16, 2010 11:00am PDT
was shaken by a minor earthquake. it was centered in maryland area. no injuries or serious damage was reported. this is the strongest quake to hit within 30 miles of washington, d.c. by mid-morning, more than 11,000 people reported feeling the quake. some from as far away as pennsylvania and west virginia. >> it woke me out of bed and jolted me. >> it shook the bed to the point i thought i was going top to the bottom. it shook me a couple of inches. >> meanwhile, at the white house president obama was asked if he felt anything, he said he didn't 3.6, well. >> mike is ahead with the forecast. it's a hot one. >> definitely inland. another triple digital jump to temperatures that could be oprah: the sole survivor of the nfl boating tragedy. >> i had to watch my best friend floating in the water. oprah: nickschuyler's heart-wrenching, first-hand for constipation relief... nothing works better than miralax. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1